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Comat BoxX is the speaking Controller by Kühn Controls !

Comat Controller BoxX

We have added a miniature controller that meets the company's high demands for quality to its range.
In fact the Comat BoxX is not just a miniature controller. It is remarkable for its unique features and an almost unbelievable price/performance ratio.
The flexible, modular construction makes the Comat BoxX ideal for all your applications in private and in industrial installations.
This little and intelligent powerhouse can be programmed either through the removable display or conveniently by computer.
The free Quick II software permits very easy, graphically driven programming with the aid of parameterisable function blocks (FBD).
The telephone module (AF-Mul), available as an option, not only permits remote access to the Comat BoxX, but also allows alarm or status messages that have been recorded to be sent to any, freely programmable, telephone numbers.
Not yet convinced? Then just take a look at the remarkable features by clicking the symbols surrounding the Comat BoxX!

Removable Display:
The removable display is a further significant feature of the Comat BoxX. It helps you to exploit your plant yet more effectively.
The Comat BoxX can conveniently be programmed by computer, and programming via the intelligent display keyboard is also possible.
When the plant is modified at a later stage, the display also allows you to change or insert function blocks without using a PC.
When the work is completed, you simply remove the display while powered down, and replace it with a flat, elegant front cover.
You do not even need a special tool for this. The display can easily be removed or snapped in place by hand.
This means that you can use one LCD display for any number of Comat BoxX devices.
The cost benefits of this, particularly when the Comat BoxX is used in a network, should not be underestimated.

Remote maintenance and remote operating:
The AF-MUL (Voice and Remote Unit) extension module allows any Comat BoxX to be controlled remotely over a telephone line.
The AF-MUL is called up, and then enabled by entering a password.
In this way you can switch circuits on and off using an ordinary DTMF telephone or a mobile.
A voice recording finally confirms the change of status.
The Comat BoxX with AF-MUL can indicate up to 98 pre-defined states, such as alarms, over the telephone line.
The voice module has a total memory capacity corresponding up to 8 minutes.
The Comat BoxX can dial pre-programmed telephone numbers and replay recorded text once the connection has successfully been established.
This would, for instance, allow an alarm to be transmitted to someone responsible for a plant or to a property security company.
There are almost no limits to the possibilities.
The AF-MUL can, however, also be used in combination with an ordinary commercial modem.
In this way the program in the Comat BoxX can be monitored, and also of course modified, with the aid of a PC.
This offers the ideal facility for remotely servicing an installation.
It is also possible for an external loudspeaker to be connected to the AF-MUL for applications within buildings.
The Comat BoxX and AF-MUL together therefore form the ideal tool for all monitoring and alarm tasks, both in private and in industrial contexts.

Software Quick II -available for free:
Quick II is the free software for graphical programming of the Comat BoxX at the PC.
The Windows®-based software is supplied with the Comat BoxX on a CD, or the latest version can be obtained from the download area at any time.
QUICK II allows the Comat BoxX to be programmed with what are known as function blocks.
The integrated simulation tool allows you to test the completed controller on the PC.
Only when the program created in this way correctly satisfies all the requirements is it downloaded into the EEPROM of the Comat BoxX via the AF-C232 interface cable.
This gives you the confidence that the correct function is fitted in the installation, and means that the time-consuming hunt for faults is almost unknown.

Password protection:
For reasons of security, the Comat BoxX has a password function.
Before changes can be made in the program, whether via the display or by remote access, the correct access code must first be entered.
This protects a saved program from unauthorised manipulation or from accidental modification.
This function can, of course, also be deactivated if it is not required in particular installations.

Real time Clock with automatic switch function:
The Comat BoxX includes a real-time clock, whose calendar is already programmed until the year 2099.
Special function blocks also allow the Comat BoxX to act as a perfect clock timer.
The program memory in the Comat BoxX has space for up to 127 function blocks.
This is more than adequate to implement even the most complex, time-dependent controllers.
The system clock, of course, can operate without external power for 100 hours.
Just make a comparison of the price of a Comat BoxX with that of a digital 4-channel or 8-channel clock timer.
If we remember that the Comat BoxX also has another six or 12 inputs for further control functions, it has to be the perfect choice!

Evaluation of analogue signals:
The 24 V Version of the Comat BoxX is also capable of processing analog 0-10 V signals with a resolution of 0.1 V.
The existing inputs can be optionally configured as either analog or digital.
Associated function blocks then take care of the comparison and further processing of the analog values.
This means that the Comat BoxX can monitor temperatures, liquid levels, pressure, flow rates and so forth, and include these values in the program's processing.

Most simple programming with function blocks:
The extensive library of function blocks means that even complex control tasks can be solved very easily.
The programming is carried out through a graphical interface using the QUICK II software, available free of charge.
It is not therefore necessary to have knowledge of a programming language.
Simply insert the desired function block, and link it with another block in accordance with the particular task.
The 64 kbyte of memory in the Comat BoxX allows up to 127 function blocks to be stored.
Once the program has been created on the PC, it is downloaded into the Comat BoxX's EEPROM.
The use of an EPROM means that the Comat BoxX does not require a back-up battery to prevent data from being lost.
One function block can also be inserted between two other function blocks, so that even the most complex control tasks can be implemented.
An internal relay with enhanced functionality is created in this way.

Comat BoxX, Key features:

Product range

Series Inputs / Outputs


6 digital inputs
4 relay outputs


6 digital inputs
4 transistor outputs


12 digital inputs
  8 relay outputs


12 digital inputs
  8 transistor outputs


Voice and remote unit
AC110-240V, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs relays
Controller Comat BoxX, connections types AC110-240V, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs relays
AC110-240V, 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs relays
Controller Comat BoxX, connections types AC110-240V, 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs relays
DC24V, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs relays
Controller Comat BoxX, connections types DC24V, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs relays
DC24V, 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs relays
Controller Comat BoxX, connections types DC24V, 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs relays
DC24V, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs Transistor PNP
Controller Comat BoxX, connections types DC24V, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs Transistor PNP
DC24V, 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs Transistor PNP
Controller Comat BoxX, connections types DC24V, 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs Transistor PNP

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