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Short description about the CMS Comat Message System SMS Relay

The Comat CMS-10 SMS relay is a remote control and messaging system.
It has six inputs which can be used as analoge or digital Inputs and four outputs with change over contacts.
All the inputs can be monitored by SMS.
At the same time, the outputs can be controlled and activated with SMS messages via a mobile telephone network* (SIM card determines the provider).
The device's own phone book saves up to 50 mobile phone numbers and names of message receivers.
Each status change on one of the inputs sends a pre-defined message by SMS to the assigned max. 5 different receivers.
The receivers are processed cyclically one by one, according to the selected sequence.
The outputs can be switched ON and OFF with pre-defined messages by SMS.
In order to obtain an overview of the present status of all in- and outputs and with that in generally of the condition of the entire installation, the input and output status can also be questioned and retrieved by SMS.
The relay outputs can be linked to a “timer function” and can be switched time dependant for a preset time.
With the password option, unauthorized remote access to the SMS Relay by a third party is avoided.
The SMS relay sends out a message at regular intervals as for example in case of a power loss, whereby the SMS relay is able to send a last warning message before it shuts down.
If the power is restored, the CMS-10 will announce its operational status again with a new message.
All input and output status can be attached to each message.
All these options can of course be made active or inactive as required.
The programming of the SMS Relay is carried out with the “FAST SMS SET®” configuration software provided together with the device.
All the settings can be configured very easy and without special knowledge of any programming language.
*GSM network: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz (quad-band GSM module inside)

Comat SMS Relay

Comat SMS Relay

key features: application examples: application areas:
  • Analog and/or digital inputs
  • Monitoring of all inputs and outputs with SMS messaging
  • Remote control of outputs by SMS
  • Sequential alert messaging to 5 different subscribers
  • Easy configuration with PC and “FAST SMS SET®”-up configuration software
  • Power failure notification by SMS messaging
  • Status change messages by SMS
  • User defined message text
  • Extensive accessories
  • Low consumption (8VA / 6W)
  • High switching capacity (4x 10A 250VAC)
  • Heating control
  • Pump control
  • Irrigation installations
  • Alarm transmission
  • Level monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Valve control
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Current monitoring
  • machine building and plant engineering
  • public services
  • facility management

new feature: remote maintenance

The option «remote access» allows users to change the device configuration without presence on site.
The connection with a serial cable is replaced with the communication over the GSM network.
For that purpose, the user has to establish communication with the SMS Relay via a GSM modem (for example with CMS-GSM-MOD) connected to the PC.
As soon as the connection between the PC and the device is established, a new configuration can be downloaded or the existing configuration may be read out.
This allows to simply safe or change a phone number of a message receiver or to modify an analogue value or a time setting.
With the new configuration software it is also possible to display all Input and Output status as well as to switch Outputs without sending an SMS message to the device.
It has to be noted that establishing of communication and data transfers in the GSM network are subject of charges.
These costs are variable depending on the provider and subscription.
We recommend to keep the connection as short as possible.
The easy and comfortable handling of the SMS Relay is not affected with the new functions.
The configuration software “FAST SMS SET®” has not changed significantly and remains easy to use.

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